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Gathered in Houston in mid-October for the World Space Congress 2002, 47 Architects and designers from 16 countries who are expert in design for aviation and human spaceflight spent a long day in deliberations to produce the final version of the Space Architects’ manifesto, “The Millennium Charter”. This brief document is the culmination of many months of intense debate and deliberate wordsmithing among this population of overwhelmingly nonnative speakers of English. Calling itself “Team 11” after the “Team X” of the CIAM’s [Congres Internationaux d’Architecture Moderne] last meeting, we sought to reinvigorate the CIAM as the only truly international precedent of Architects working as an organized, political body to craft a sense of relevance and understanding between our profession and the world at large. And in the spirit of the CIAM’s founders, who insisted on inviting their mentors Peter Behrens and Otto Wagner to their first meeting, the Team 11’s proceedings were further enriched by the participation of one of Team X’s framers — the Architect Waltraude Woods.

Introductory article “(Aero)Space Architecture takes flight” by Constance M. Adams.