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Na hranici vesmiru

Retrospective exhibition of David Nixon’s projects

NTK Atrium – National Library of Technology
from 7th November 2013 till 20th December 2013

The resources on the Earth may seem to be unlimited. They may be but not for too long… What if a global natural disaster destroyed our home planet and we were not able to breathe the air, we would have no means to grow food and no shelter to protect ourselves against climate? We would be in extreme environment. Space architects are designing for such extreme environments. They design autonomous habitats that enable living on Mars, the Moon or the Earth’s orbit. The habitats provide safety and comfort for human activities and respect environment, technology readiness and principles of ecology.

The space architecture thus provides necessary perspective that helps to rediscover elementary problems of terrestrial architecture that are often hidden under the shallow business planning strategies, style or superficial aesthetics. This discipline also points out importance of integration of aerospace engineering that may significantly help advancing architectural development.

David Nixon is an unofficial co-founder of the space architecture discipline. He significantly influenced development of this area in which he has been involved since 1985. This exhibition represents unique collection of terrestrial and space projects that are all connected to space architecture and design for extreme environments.

The visitor of the exhibition will immerse in an inspiring environment allowing him to browse through drawings, concepts, photographs and visualizations of David Nixon’s works.

Fold-out Structural Platform, Technical proposal for NASA, David Nixon, Jan Kaplicky, 1984

Moon Wall, David Nixon, Jane Wernick, 1991

Space Station Wardroom Full-Scale Prototype, Project for NASA ARC, JSC, David Nixon, Southern California Institute of Architecture, 1987-88

David Nixon, Ondrej and Filip - Credit NTK



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