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the 2016 SATC “Year in Review” article featured on Aerospace America.



A new Space Architecture Education book written by SATC members Sandra Häuplik-Meusburger & Olga Bannova.

Space Architecture Education for Engineers and Architects – Designing and Planning Beyond Earth

Space architecture as a discipline is relatively new, but it fills a gap between the engineering approach to design habitats and other space facilities for humans, and the complexity of human factors oriented design—including personal psychology, creativity, and non-work related activities. In order to successfully fill that gap, space architecture needs to be taught academically.

The book is structured around basic learning processes for the design of a space mission, structure or vehicle. The chapters on the design principles are related to the Technology Readiness levels and Habitation Readiness Levels – TRLs and HRLs and include examples, discussions, and tasks.


with Guest Chapters (in order of appearance):

Chris Welch on ‘The Essence of Interdisciplinarity’

Brand N. Griffin on ‘The Role of the Space Architect’

Brent Sherwood on ‘Space Architecture Education—Site, Program, and Meaning’

Marc M. Cohen on ‘Mockups 101: Technology Readiness Levels for Mockups and Simulators’

Madhu Thangavelu on ‘The Moon or Mars: Where might we settle first?’

Theodore W. Hall on ‘Artificial Gravity and Implications for Space Architecture’ Cesare Lobascio on ‘Environmental Control and Life Support Systems’

Haym Bennaroya and Leonard Bernold on ‘Engineering and Construction of LunarBases’

Kriss J. Kennedy on ‘The TransHab Project’


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Space Architecture Education for Engineers and Architects Designing and Planning Beyond Earth
Authors: Sandra Häuplik-Meusburger & Olga Bannova
1st ed. 2016, XV, 320 p. 179 illus., 139 color.

International Space Station: Architecture Beyond Earth is a new book written by Space Architect and former SATC member David Nixon. This book offers the first comprehensive account of the Station’s conception, design development and assembly in space. As a highly accessible chronicle of a complex piece of design and engineering, it is a book that will appeal to readers far beyond the space field.


• International Space Station by David Nixon

• Hardcover

• 23.5 x 23.5cm

• 416pp

• 250 colour and 150 b&w illustrations

• £65.00

• ISBN: 978-0-9930721-3-0

• Publication date: 1 March



ISS_Architecture Beyond Earth_2 ISS_Architecture Beyond Earth_6ISS_Architecture Beyond Earth_4 ISS_Architecture Beyond Earth_Book 3

ISS_Architecture Beyond Earth_C


Launch Events

March 1st: Waterstones Piccadilly, London, UK, 19.00-20.00.

Short presentation, followed by drinks and book signing

March 2nd: Architectural Association, 36 Bedford Square,, London, UK, 18.30-20.00 Lecture followed by book signing in the bookshop

March 3rd: Liverpool University, Liverpool, UK, 18.30-20.00 Lecture followed by book signing

March 14th – April 22nd: RIBA Bookshop, 66 Portland Place, London, UK, Exhibition of images from the book


Space Architecture article for Aerospace America December 2015 is now available.


New special issue of Architectural Design (AD) titled “Space Architecture: The Frontier for Design Research” is out now.

The book features works and contributions from many SATC members and gives a good overview to the field.