Hatem Hussein

Space architect, Robotics designer, Innovator



A Space Architect and Robotics designer with the heart of a mentor, Hatem Hussein is an aspiring Astronaut and multi-disciplinary architect. His career is focused on developing the next futuristic technologies and understanding how they can improve current terrestrial and extra-terrestrial existence. During his undergraduate years, Hatem compiled the first rule book on designing architecture on the Moon, called “Lunar Dimensions”. His graduation project “The Self-Sufficient Sustainable Lunar Habitat” was highly commended by WebUrbanist website, placing his Extraterrestrial Architectural Concept among the ranks of Norman Foster’s 3D Printed Moon Habitat Proposal. While obtaining his Masters degree, Hatem worked on multiple robotic designs with the capability of improving architectural construction methods on the Moon and Mars, utilizing latest machine learning and generative design tools. Throughout his work at Tohoko Robotics Laboratories in Japan, Hatem developed a new gripping mechanism for the “Gripper”, a robot designed to climb the steep Lunar and Martian landscapes.

Hatem is one of the key architects for many unique international designs such as: the world’s first 3D printed Office of the Future, and Dubai’s structurally complex Museum of the Future. He has exceptional knowledge in BIM tools, generative designs, Future construction technologies and robotics. He is a LEED GA and have lengthy experience in working with sustainable projects.


Master of Science in Space Studies – International Space University, France, 2016-2017
Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering, University of Sharjah, UAE, 2007-2013