Jun Okushi

AIAA, Lifetime-Senior, Japan Society of Space and Aerospace Environmental Medicine.
Space Architect, Supra Systems



Jun Okushi is the third generation of an Architects family and a National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) trained Space Architect who resides in Mito, Japan. Mr. Okushi has enjoyed a three-decades-long career working with significant cutting-edge institutions, organizations and individuals around the world in the field of space developments and explorations, as well as traditional architectural design practice with his father; Sir Hiroshi Okushi (1921-2012:The Decoration of Sacred Treasure of Japan). Mr. Okushi served as a NASA Research Grant Student at the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-ARC), under the directions of Dr. Yvonne Clearwater and Dr. Marc M Cohen, from NASA-Ames Research Center, Space Human Factors Office and Professor David Anthony Nixon, at SCIARC involving the early stage of design definition for the NASA International Space Station. The design research exploration skills for human space missions and habitability that he developed as a student at SCIARC enabled him to take a leading role in the establishment of the Space Architecture Research Consortium at the University of Tokyo, making that university a core member in the field. He continues to enrich his professionalism through a commissioned researcher experiences at the consortium. Mr. Okushi is the author of a number of published papers and articles within the discipline of design implications for extreme environments and human space exploration.


CV – Jun Okushi