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Anastasia Prosina


Anastasia Prosina is a young architect, a co-founder of the Novosibirsk Navigation System of Attractions where she re-reveals undeservedly forgotten architectural monuments. She is a former intern in the Hong Kong studio of Georges Hung Architects, designer of the famous VC-PE Tower in Shenzhen, China’s main technological and investment center. Anastasia’s passion for space architecture began during a 2016 visit to the Moscow Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics, where she discovered Soviet space architect Galina Balashova and her acceleration of space exploration in the 20th century. Later that year Anastasia took part in the Mir-2 Orbital Station Design and Martian Habitat Design 24h competitions.

In 2018, Anastasia with Robert Salazar, a deployable structures contractor at NASA’s JPL, and Svetlana Krinochkina, a young Moscow architect, won the People’s Choice Award and Honorable Mention in the Marstopia International Architectural Design Competition. The team’ project showcases a deployable Martian architecture proposal.

Anastasia strives to make an impact on the nascent field through education and starting a company that unites aesthetics and utilitarian engineering in architectural harmony. She believes that designing for the stringent requirements of space habitation brings us closer to understanding human nature, Anastasia’s key passion for space architecture.


  • Master of Science in Space Architecture – University of Houston – ongoing
    Bachelor of Urban Planning. Graduation Thesis: An Urbanization Scheme for the Martian Environment – Novosibirsk State University of Architecture, Design, and Arts (Russia) – 2013-2018


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