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Donald Barker

Donald Barker

S&K Global Technologies

  • Previously worked for Anadarko Industries as a ISS Propulsion and GN&C System Engineer at Johnson Space Center.
  • Previous positions at JSC include the ISS Program Science Office, ISS Robotics System Engineering, Crew Health Care System Engineering, ISS Operations Planning Flight Control, ISS GN&C-Propulsion Flight Control, Moscow mission control operations (HSG) during early phases of ISS assembly, and Space Flight Biomedical Engineering (cardiovascular, motor performance and neuroscience laboratories).
  • Other related activities and interests include: Certified Commercial Pilot and Flight Instructor; Mountaineering/Extreme Environments – Colorado 14ers, Mt. Fuji, Mt. Aconcagua, and Mt. Kilimanjaro; Mars Society MDRS Crew 02; Versed in Spanish, Russian and Japanese;
  • Published articles covering Earth orbiting, lunar transfer and Mars exploration architectures and landing site selection.


  • 2017 expected: PhD in Planetary Geology – University of Houston (USA) Thesis: Lunar volcanic glass characterization and analysis and Mars stratigraphy and hydrology.
  • 2005: Master of Science in Space Architecture – SICSA, University of Houston (USA)
  • 2003: Master of Science in Mathematics – University of Houston – Clear Lake (USA)
  • 1995: Master of Science in Psychology – University of Houston – Clear Lake (USA)
  • 1993: Master of Science in Physics – University of Houston – Clear Lake (USA)
  • 1991: Bachelor of Science in Physics/Psychology – Colorado State University(USA)


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