Member’s Profile – Olga Bannova

Olga Bannova 

Olga Bannova  Prof. 

Research Associate Professor, Sasakawa International Center for Space Architecture (SICSA)

Member of AIAA Space Architecture Technical Committee (SATC)

Chair of AIAA SATC Education Subcommittee

  • 2002 – current: Senior research architect at SICSA, University of Houston
  • project architect (Lockwood Greene Int.)
  • senior architect (CODEST International)
  • Projects include: architectural practice (office buildings) in Russia; USA: Artificial gravity habitats, Space Shuttle Orbiter passenger transfer accommodations, Mars surface ascent vehicles and Earth return vehicles, Mars settlement, Lunar base, Extreme environment architecture (Greenland Science Summit Station).


  • 2005: Master of Science of Space Architecture – SICSA, University of Houston (USA)
  • 2001: Master of Architecture – University of Houston (USA)
  • Diploma – Moscow Architectural Institute (Moscow, Russia)


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