Call for Papers:
Robotic Technologies and Space Architecture
at AIAA Space 2009

The Space Architecture Technical Committee (SATC) and the Space Automation & Robotics Technical Committee (SARTC) of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) are organizing a technical track at the

AIAA Space 2009 Conference & Exposition
2009 September 14-17
Pasadena Convention Center
Pasadena, California, USA

Track: Robotic Technologies and Space Architecture

Important Dates:

Abstract deadline:

2009 January 20 February 17 (extended)

Full manuscript deadline:

2009 August 17

Proceedings On-Line:

2009 September 1


2009 September 14-17


This track will explore robotic technologies for orbital and planetary surface applications and space architectures, especially systems supporting robotic construction techniques.

Abstracts are being solicited on the following technical topics:

Construction in space and on the surface of the Moon, Mars, and beyond will require robotic systems that will be capable of doing earthwork, assembly, and construction of habitats and outposts for human crews.  These will require advances in mobility, human-robotic interfaces, and self-sustainability for the systems.


The abstract should provide a synopsis of the problem statement, research methods, and conclusions.  An initial abstract must be submitted on-line through the AIAA Space 2009 web site at  (It’s a good idea to compose this off-line in a text document, then copy and paste the text into the web form.)

Peer Review:

All papers must pass peer review before being accepted for publication and presentation.  Acceptance is not assured.  Drafts for peer review must be complete papers.  They must present original work.  They must support claims with evidence and refer to precedent studies.  The writing must be clear English, free of spelling and grammatical errors.

Authors must consider the deadline in planning the scope of the paper – especially for work in progress.  Results must be documented (and if necessary, cleared for release) before submitting the draft for peer review.

AIAA enforces a strict “no paper, no podium” policy.


Papers must conform to the AIAA template, available for download from

We encourage authors to download the template and use it at the outset of their writing to avoid significant reformatting later.


Authors of accepted papers must register for the conference, attend the session, and present their work in person.  No podium, no paper.

More Information:

AIAA Space 2009:


Track Organizers:

A. Scott Howe (SATC) <>

Silvano Colombano (SATC) <>

Glen Henshaw (SARTC) <>

Marcello Romano (SARTC) <>