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Marc Cohen has been presented the “Certificate of Merit” during the AIAA SPACE Forum 2016 as a co-author for the Space Architecture Technical Committee (SATC) Best Paper Award 2015.


(photos credits: AIAA)

SATC Best Paper 2015 – Winner:

Cohen, Marc M.; Häuplik-Meusburger, Sandra (2015 July). What Do We Give Up and Leave Behind? (ICES-2015-056).

SATC Best Paper 2015 – Runner-up:

Allen, Christopher S. (2015 July). International Space Station Acoustics – A Status Report (ICES-2015-286).

Prof. David Akin has been presented the “Certificate of Merit” during the AIAA SPACE Forum 2015 for winning the Space Architecture Technical Committee (SATC) Best Paper Award 2014.

SATC Best Paper 2014 – Winner:

Akin, David L.; McBryan, Katherine; Limparis, Nicholas; D’Amore, Nicholas; Carlsen, Christopher (2014 July).  Habitat Design and Assessment at Varying Gravity Levels (ICES-2014-264)

SATC Best Paper 2014 – Runner-up:

Doule, Ondřej; Imhof, Barbara; Hoheneder, Waltraut; Ransom, Stephen; Waclavicek, René; Kull, Priit; Aabloo, Alvo; Weiss, Peter; Taillebot, Virginie; Gardette, Bernard; Gobert, Thibaud; Gancet, Jeremi; Letier, Pierre; Rodriguez, Gonzalo; Salini, Joseph; Nelson, Joshua; Welch, Chris; Gajdoš, Petr; Ševčík, David (2014 August).  Self-Deployable Habitat for Extreme Environments – Universal Platform for Analog Research (AIAA 2014-4195).

The AIAA Space and Astronautics Forum and Exposition (AIAA SPACE) convened in Manchester Grand Hyatt, San Diego, California, USA, 4-7 August 2014. SATC member Jackelynne Silva-Martinez chaired this years’ Space Architecture sessions (RSA1 & RSA4). In total nine papers and one poster were accepted and presented and the sessions were well attended. A more detailed report is available for download here.

SATC has also prepared a powerpoint presentation giving an introductory overview about the committee and its members’  works and activities.  The presentation is available for download here.

Plenary - to Mars 05s Exhibition hall - 04s Session audience 01s David Akin - paper presentation 01s Jackelynne Silva-Martinez- Sessions chair 02s After session discussions - from left - Sugwoo Lim, Jackelinne Silva-Martinez, Scott Howe, David Nixon_s