Abhishek Sorampuri

– Founder and CEO, UNI
– Founder & Workshop Coordinator, SPARRO (Space, Architecture & Robotics)
– Visiting Faculty at School of Architecture & Planning, Delhi



Abhishek Sorampuri is an architect, anthropologist, and also building a collaborative platform for architects named UNI.xyz.  UNI’s mission is to reduce the gaps in idea to realization process in the Architecture industry. At UNI he has curated several Space-Architecture related design competitions and Extreme Habitat Challenges e.g. Leap, Moon Base 2124, Origyn, EHC-Sahara, etc.

Abhishek also heads an educational research lab named SPARRO (Space, Architecture & Robotics). Apart from the architectural design he also has a knack of how technology is shaping the world and future of humanity. He has conducted 50+ workshops and has been a speaker in several conferences across Architectural Institutions in India.

Upon graduating he has practiced architecture, working on more than 20+ projects. Before starting UNI He was an Associate Director at the award- winning firm M:OFA Studio, New Delhi. He has published papers in the field of architecture and urbanism on topics like Interactive public Design & Systems, Social network in city, intelligent facades. He has also conceptualized and projects like a smart dustbin, sensing façade, blockchain in city planning, and urban design and has conducted workshops on the same.


2006 – 2011- Bachelor’s in Architecture VNIT Nagpur

2016 – 2018 – Master’s in Anthropology


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