Balachandar Baskaran


Balachandar Baskaran is an interdisciplinary individual who is an Architect, Artist, Designer, Builder, Project Manager, Firm Strategist, Researcher, Documenter, Writer, App Design Developer, Photographer, Academician and a Social Worker. He focuses on developing designs related to Extreme and Extra-Terrestrial Architecture. He is also an active researcher in identifying landing locations for future robotic and human missions in extra-terrestrial environments. He obtained his Bachelors in Architecture from School of Architecture and Planning, Anna University, Chennai, India and Masters in Space Studies from International Space University (I.S.U.), Strasbourg, France. After being mentored by renowned Aerospace Scientist and former President of India, Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam, he was influenced by Moscow Aviation Institute, Star city, Energia, Moscow, Russia. Later, he worked for Space Application Services, Brussels for the development of the test bed of the Dream Chaser Space Shuttle. His chapter on the Landing location on Mars was given special recognition under the Mars NOW Project which was sponsored by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (N.A.S.A.) under I.S.U. He also co-authored the book, Space and Human Culture edited by Jacques Arnould. Besides, he mentors students from various Universities on their research related to space projects, and conducts workshops on designing for extreme environments and space. Additionally, he is a renowned firm consultant who provides customized firm strategies for companies for it to function successfully for a period of 33 years or more. He is also an experienced project coordinator who worked along with Ministry of Defense, India to oversee the construction of National War Memorial of India at New Delhi, India.

  • Founder of BalaB consultants,
  • Founder of Bala Building constructions,
  • Firm strategist for Orizon Space Apps, Belgium,
  • Principal Project Management Coordinator, National War Memorial, India,
  • Visiting faculty for School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi, India, and
  • Visiting Faculty for School of Architecture and Planning, Anna University, Chennai, India.
  • Space Tourism Demand in Emerging Nations – A case study of India,
  • Landing locations for Mars missions,
  • Drastic and Innovative solutions understanding the Impacts of Urbanism over rivers in cities,
  • Traditional and advanced building materials and its applications over construction, and
  • Progressive Building strategy and technique for LIG, MIG and HIG housing.

  • United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), and
  • University of Western Australia (UWA), Perth, Australia and School of Architecture and Planning, Chennai.
  • Council of Architecture (C.O.A),
  • Indian Institute of Architects (I.I.A), and
  • Licensed Surveyor.
  • Padmashree Lakshman Mahadev Chitale Endowment,
  • Dr. A. L. Mudaliar Endowment,
  • Awarded best performer in Professional Practice,
  • Awarded best performer in Dissertation – Architecture in Extreme Environments,
  • Special participation, National federation of UNESCO Associations, Japan,
  • Korsala’s International Best artist award,
  • Recognition at India posts, Department of Postal, Ministry of Communications & Information Technology, Govt. of India,
  • Winner at Transparance, 2010,
  • Special recognition for eco-friendly Design, IGBC (Indian green building council), and
  • Recognition for Social Service: Rescue and relief operations during Chennai Floods and conducting Medical camps, Chennai, India.