The following resources are recommended by the AIAA / Space Architecture Technical Committee for education, research, and commercial aerospace architecture applications. The resources are grouped according to the following topics. This section is updated on a regular basis. Please send your recommendations to

SATC Minutes Archive

Minutes of SATC meetings can be found here.

SATC Founding Charter

The Case and Proposal documents related to the founding of SATC.

Team 11 Millennium Charter

12 October 2002

Gathered in Houston in mid-October for the World Space Congress 2002, 47 Architects and designers from 16 countries who are expert in design for aviation and human spaceflight spent a long day in deliberations to produce the final version of the Space Architects’ manifesto, “The Millennium Charter”. This brief document is the culmination of many months of intense debate and deliberate wordsmithing among this population of overwhelmingly nonnative speakers of English. Calling itself “Team 11” after the “Team X” of the CIAM’s [Congres Internationaux d’Architecture Moderne] last meeting, we sought to reinvigorate the CIAM as the only truly international precedent of Architects working as an organized, political body to craft a sense of relevance and understanding between our profession and the world at large. And in the spirit of the CIAM’s founders, who insisted on inviting their mentors Peter Behrens and Otto Wagner to their first meeting, the Team 11’s proceedings were further enriched by the participation of one of Team X’s framers — the Architect Waltraude Woods.

Introductory article “(Aero)Space Architecture takes flight” by Constance M. Adams.

Entire text of The Millennium Charter document.

“Team 11” workshop poster (PDF file 700k).

Space Architecture Standards

Publication Resources

Publications recommended by the SATC are as follows:

  • Space Architecture publications: A list of refereed technical papers, books, and articles on space architecture written or recommended by subcommittee members.

Author’s Guide: The following is a recommended author’s guide to writing abstracts and papers for publication in SATC-sponsored conferences and symposia:

Educational Resources

Additional information including events such as lectures, podcasts, and webinars are shared by our members on Facebook

Technical Resources

Research Resources

  • Artificial Gravity: This site lists resources for design in artificial gravity, including several online and downloadable software tools such as SpinCalc and SpinDoctor.
  • SICSA Lecture Series: Data sheets referring to an interdisciplinary “system of systems” perspective that encompasses broad aspects of mission planning, spacecraft and habitat elements/design, planetary surface mobility and construction equipment, operations and logistics, and other important topics.

Government / Industry / Commercial Resources

Space Agencies:

ASI: Italian Space Agency.

CALT: China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology.

CNES: French Space Agency.

CNSA: China National Space Administration

CSA: Canadian Space Agency.

DLR: German National Aerospace Agency.

ESA: European Space Agency.

FAA: Federal Aviation Administration Commercial Space Transportation: USA launch operator’s licenses for commercial launch of orbital rockets.

INPE: Brazilian National Institute for Space Research.

ISRO: Indian Space Research Organization.

JAXA: Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency.

NASA: United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

NASA Ames: Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, California, U.S.

NASA JSC: Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, U.S.

NASA JPL: Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, U.S.

NASA KSC: Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida, U.S.

NSC: Norwegian Space Center.

POCKOCMOC (ROSCOSMOS): Russian Federation State Corporation for Space Activities.

SNSB: Swedish National Space Board.

SSO: Swiss Space Office.

SRON: Space Research Organization Netherlands.

UKSA: United Kingdom Space Agency.

Other government / industry links:

NASA Astronaut Selection Program: This is the site for NASA astronaut candidate selection, including application form downloads.

Human Exploration of Mars Design Reference Architecture 5.0: latest iteration of the NASA Mars Design Reference Mission (DRM).

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