New AIAA Online Short Course - Space Architecture: Designing an Orbital Habitation System: Challenges and Consequences

This course covers the development strategies and design challenges of locating and building orbital habitats. Space Architects present material on how the transportation system, mission planning, and environmental factors influence the architecture of the orbital habitats in shape, size, and growth.

AIAA June Course of the Month: Space Architecture Online Short Course

Space Architecture: Designing a Lunar Habitation System. Learn about the development strategies and design challenges that must be considered when locating and building lunar habitats. Discover how transportation systems, site selection, and environmental factors influence the shape, size, and growth of lunar bases. Additional topics covered include human factors in lunar gravity, logistical supply, and crew rotation.

Event Summary: 2023 Space Architecture Gathering

Event Summary for the SATC 2023 Space Architecture Gathering in Los Angeles on the April 15th.

2023 Space Architecture Gathering

AIAA LA-LV 2023 Space Architecture Gathering on Saturday April 15th, online, or in Lawndale Library (in the Los Angeles area of Southern California, USA).

Space Architecture Competition “Moon Station”

Young Architects Competition (YAC), in partnership with ESA’s Topical Team on Planetary Caves, it’s proud to share "Moon Station", the first architectural competition regarding the design of a research station inside a lunar lava tube.

Space Architecture Symposium (SAS) Paris 23.09.2022

The AIAA Space Architecture Technical Committee (SATC) in cooperation…

UCL Space Domain Lecture

UCL Space Domain Lecture by SATC member Ariel Ekblaw, on Monday…


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