The Science Corner of the Technisches Museum Wien (Vienna Museum of Science and Technology) offers a stage for current research projects of the TU Wien. In a yearly changing presentation, visitors can discover various facets of Austria’s dynamic research landscape and learn about forward-looking technologies that are currently being explored.


“Room with a view. Living in space”

To enable living in space, things that are often taken for granted on Earth – such as air, water, food, waste disposal or exercise – need to be planned down to the last detail. The lack of gravity, the confined space and the psychological well-being of the astronauts also need to be considered in the spatial design.

Students at the Institute of Architecture and Design and in the EMBA programme “Space Architecture” dedicate themselves to these visionary challenges under the direction of Sandra Häuplik-Meusburger at the TU Wien. To this end, the young field of research and work unites a wide range of scientific and technical disciplines, such as aerospace engineering, architecture, medicine, sociology, psychology, space science and art. But the solutions developed for such extraordinary circumstances are also used on Earth, for example when designing building structures for extreme environments or in resource-efficient and climate-friendly construction.

The Science Corner not only enables visitors to marvel at impressive designs of space habitats, but also gives them exclusive insights into the areas of application and job profiles of the promising field of “space architecture”.