A. Scott Howe Receives First Gordon Woodcock Award for Professional Excellence in Space Architecture

The AIAA Space Architecture Technical Committee is proud to announce the recipient for first Gordon Woodcock Award for professional excellence in Space Architecture is Dr. A. Scott Howe. This award is created in honor of the late Gordon Woodcock, a Boeing engineering manager who had a pioneering vision of architects contributing to human space missions and by his action played a key role in initiating the profession of Space Architecture.

Dr. Howe has been a space architect since 2007 and is also a licensed architect in the state of California. He works at Caltech, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, (JPL), Pasadena, California with responsibilities in systems engineering, mechanisms, mechanical design, deep space outpost design, robotic construction research, habitat design, and vehicle design.

He has earned a PhD in architecture from University of Michigan, and a second PhD in
Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering from Hong Kong University. In addition, he also has two Masters degrees and a Bachelor of University studies.