SATC Awards Subcommittee

  • Subcommittee Chair: Emanuel Pimenta
  • Members: n/a – SATC membership volunteers reviewing papers on demand


Current: Annual Best student and professional paper awards selected from nominated and self-nominated papers submitted by SATC members to the subcommittee chair. The best papers are chosen after a peer-review process (more than three reviewers from the membership pool)

Proposed: Biennial Space Architecture Award for Professional Excellence (Gordon Woodcock Award)

The Space Architecture Technical Committee believes that a professional award would not only acknowledge superior performance in the work place but would also serve as motivation for high achievement to those in the field. This award is intended to honor of Gordon Woodcock, the Boeing engineering manager who had a pioneering understanding of the value of architects in the aerospace enterprise and by his action played a key role in initiating and legitimizing the profession of Space Architecture.