Natasha Liston-Beck

Vehicle Design and Optimization Software Developer at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
Architect, Game and Simulation Designer


Co-author of an AIAA ASCEND 2020 paper titled, “ORACLES: Optimized Rational Algorithm for Conjecture of Long-term Exploration of Space,” a documentation of and argument for the development of a robust strategic planning tool for the next forty years of space exploration
Teaching assistant for sophomore architecture studios 2019-2020
3D Printing management at Syracuse University School of Architecture 2019-2020
MakerSpace Manager Intern at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center 2019
Architectural Intern at Ballinger 2018
Architectural Intern at LS3P Savannah 2017


2020 Bachelor of Architecture from Syracuse University

Thesis: Continuous Augmented Space Architecture, a study of augmented reality environments, data visualization, and human-computer interaction in microgravity