Mars X House v1

Winner 4th Place NASA 3D Printed Habitat Centennial Challenge Phase 3, Design Level 1. X-House is the fourth prize winner of Virtual Design Level 1, 60% Design, within NASA’s Phase 3 Habitat Challenge. Prioritizing safety, redundancy, and the wellbeing of the crew above the Martian surface, Mars X-House seeks to exceed current radiation standards while safely connecting the crew to natural light and views to the Martian landscape.

Partnering with Apis Cor, X-House presents a pioneering habitat scaled to fit within the 4.5m x 4.5m footprint of the Level 3 Head-to-Head event of the Phase 3 competition at 1/3 scale. By vitally connecting the human residents with views to the Martian landscape, the habitat synthesizes key design factors fundamental to future Martian habitation: program and construction efficiency, light, and radiation protection—creating a highly functional and protective habitat for its occupants.

Project Year


Team Members

Melodie Yashar (SEArch+ Project Lead), Christina Ciardullo (SEArch+), Michael Morris (SEArch+), Rebeccah Pailes-Friedman (SEArch+), Sergey Nefedov (ApisCor), Nikita Chen-iun-tai (ApisCor), Brian Lee (SEArch+), Reece Tucker (SEArch+), Robert Moses (NASA Langley Research Center), Kim Binstead (Univ of Hawaii), Jeffrey Hoffman (MIT Aerospace), David Wettergreen (CMU Robotics), Nathan King (CMU Materials Science), Daniel Case (Univ of Michigan Aerospace), Edward J. Roberts (LERA), Jesse Chrismer (Entuitive)


SEArch+ / ApisCor

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