Valerie Venegas

My name is Valerie Venegas and I am an ambitious architecture student currently in my third year at the esteemed Academy of Art University. With a deep passion for the boundless possibilities of space architecture, I am driven to explore the intersection of design and the cosmos. Through my coursework and extracurricular activities, I have developed a strong foundation in architectural principles, design thinking, and technological advancements. My fascination with space exploration has inspired me to delve into the unique challenges and opportunities presented by extraterrestrial architecture. I am constantly seeking ways to combine my creativity and technical skills to design innovative structures that can sustain human life beyond Earth. Through my experiences and research, I have developed a keen eye for spatial planning, sustainable design, and the integration of advanced technologies. I am eager to collaborate with professionals in the field and contribute to the evolution of space architecture. As I continue my academic journey, I am excited to further expand my knowledge and skills, applying them to exciting projects that push the boundaries of human habitation and explore the limitless possibilities of the cosmos.