Aastha Kacha


Aastha, at 26 years old, is a visionary space architect, founder and driving force behind AAKA SPACE STUDIO, a ground-breaking enterprise specializing in designing and constructing experiential analogue and space tourism habitable modules. Hailing from Canada and India, she has etched her name in the annals of space exploration as the founder of the first-ever space architecture studio in these two nations. Aastha’s journey into the cosmos began with an insatiable passion for space and architecture. Fueling her passion, she pursued advanced studies in space engineering and architecture, earning herself distinguished qualifications like B.SC in Architectural Technology from Leeds Beckett University, UK and VIA University, Denmark, Zero energy design, TU Delft. Aastha’s expertise caught the attention of the prestigious Mars Society, where she serves as a distinguished space architect. Her contributions to the society have been instrumental in shaping the future of human colonization on Mars, with that she has published her paper on “Deployment of Surface Infrastructure, Systems, and Layout for Mars Settlement”

Her studio AAKA SPACE STUDIO successfully launched India’s first space analogue expedition, a groundbreaking mission that simulated space conditions to test and refine their avant-garde designs. The company’s NOAH project, a next-gen origami analog habitat, garnered widespread recognition and accolades, earning AAKA SPACE STUDIO the distinguished Eduwik Excellence Award. Her innovative spirit have been recognized with numerous prestigious awards, including the Global Icon Award for being India’s youngest icon in Space Architecture. Her contributions have also been honored with the President Honour Award and the “Lunar Base Contract Award” from NASA Space Academy, she was also bestowed with the Aviation Champion Award and was listed among the Top Women in Aviation on LinkedIn. Her achievements earned her a nomination in Forbes’ “30 under 30” list, and she was honored with the SheRise Award by CII, celebrating her inspirational journey as a woman trailblazer. Aastha has graced the stage of TED Talks on three occasions, passionately sharing her insights on Space Architecture and the Application of Artificial Intelligence in Space. Her talks have resonated with audiences worldwide, inspiring future generations to reach for the stars.