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HOW CAN I BECOME A MEMBER OF SpaceArchitect.org?

The Space Architecture Technical Committee (SATC) is one of about 70 Technical Committees (TC)s in the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA). The AIAA accepts TC member nominations on an annual basis and forwards them to the TCs in November each year. Membership in the AIAA is a prerequisite for membership in the SATC. AIAA members may nominate themselves for membership in any of the TCs. You can submit your nomination via this linkAIAA sets limits on the size of TCs to promote their function as committees in which each member takes an active role.

We have several space-architect colleagues who are not current members of the AIAA or SATC. Some are alumni; others have tended to be more involved in other professional societies. For example, several of them are regulars at the Earth & Space conference organized by the American Society of Civil Engineers.

For this reason, we established SpaceArchitect.org as an independent organization to include space architects from various professional associations. Membership in SpaceArchitect.org is open to individuals who are professionally involved in the design of human habitats or space explora on systems, as evidenced by:

– membership in a professional design society;

– or, demonstrated professional design practice; 

– or, enrollment in a design degree program.

By joining our group you will be connected to the international community of space architects and will have opportunities to learn and get involved in space architecture activities. You will get a chance to talk to the most experienced space architects on Earth and get feedback for your work, studies, research or ideas and activities. 



Whether you are an architect or industrial designer working in aerospace and seeking information, a student looking for inspiration and ideas or someone just wanting to find out more about the activities of SpaceArchitect.org or the SATC, we invite you to explore this website. 

For Education related inquiries, please check the page ‘How to become a space Architectfirst. 

For further questions, you are welcome to contact education@spacearchitect.org

If you are looking for a speaker, have some inquiries related to the press and media, would like to exhibit our projects, support our upcoming space architecture activities, or have any other questions please send your info@spacearchitect.org with the subject @media, @exhibition, or @sponsoring.

For webpage-related issues, you may directly contact our webmaster@spacearchitect.org, David Wong and Vittorio Netti.