Francesco Axel Pio Romio


Hi! I am Francesco and I am a Licensed Architect | Space Architect: my master’s degree thesis researched long term human colonies in the lava tubes of Mars, with the creation of a new landscape through the utilisation of Martian resources and the study of Earth’s vernacular and modern technologies, which I have recently discussed at the 73rd International Astronautical Congress (IAC 2022), in Paris.

After graduation in November 2021, I was selected for YACademy high level training course “Architecture for Humanity” which regarded subjects like vernacular architecture, architecture for extreme environments, inclusive and sustainable architecture, emergency architecture with lecturers and partners such as Keré Architecture, Foster + Partners, TAM associati, Anupama Kundoo, IOM-UN Migration, UN-Habitat, and more. The course also comprised a workshop along with NYC planning department and Bjarke Ingels Group.

At the moment, I am working as Academy Researcher at YACademy, I volunteer as Project Co-manager and researcher at Project Safe Refuge, an international initiative of architects and I write for the newspaper

About myself, I am also a musician and a passionate reader. I have always focused on the intersection between different disciplines, like architecture, arts, music, acting, performing, also organising events. I think that looking at a subject from many different points of view is very enriching.

Have a great day and thanks for reading!


– Academy Researcher at YACademy (2022 – Present);
– Project co-manager, Researcher at PSR (2022 – Present);
– Collaborating Author at (2022 – Present);
– Team member at Sealine Lab – University of Ferrara (2022 – Present);
– Collaborator at Orizzontale (2022)


– High Level Training Course in Architecture for Humanity at YACademy (2021-2022);
– MSc. Architecture at University of Ferrara (2016-2021).


– AIAA, Space Architecture: Designing a Lunar Habitation System – On-Demand Short Course (2021);
– School of Disruption, Space Architecture and Design with Barbara Imhof and René Waclavicek (2021);
– Architecture Association L.A Visiting School, AA MARS 4.0 with HKS Line Studio, (2021);
– University of Ferrara, Safety Training Course, D.Lgs 81/2008, (2021);
– Udemy, Grasshopper: beginner to advanced, (2021);
– Ferrara OFF, Theatre and Drama, (2018-2019);
– KlimaHaus Agentur, Sustainable Architecture, (2017).


Francesco Axel P. Romio

Academy Researches | YAC srl.
Project co-manager | PSR
Collaborator Author | AstroSpace
MSc. Architect