John Ball

Founder – Expo Colorado 2050, A World’s Fair Bid to Celebrate Global Cooperation in Space

Since earning my graduate degree in architecture 30 years ago, my time has been allocated four ways: 35% running architectural firms, 35% in community service, 20% teaching architecture and design, and 10% making art. I’m hoping to spend the next 25 years focused solely on the development of an aerospace themed world exposition in Colorado.


BFA – Drake University

M.Arch – University of Oklahoma

PhD – Arizona State University


Technology Transfer between Aerospace and Construction

Vacuum Insulation Panels

Pneumatic and Tensile Structural Systems

Optimization/Integration of Life Support Systems

Fabric, Wood and Geopolymers Materials in Space

Humanizing Space via the Arts and Design

Quantitative Aesthetics, Relational Aesthetics, and Aesthetic Engagement