SATC Sponsorship Subcommittee

  • Chair: Christina Ciardullo
  • Members: Makoto Eyre, Kevin Scholtes


Goal: In order to effectively support the ongoing activities of SATC and to further help promote the field of architecture in outer space, sponsorship is required to fund and promote space architecture achievements, pursuits and events.

SATC would benefit from sponsorship for the following ongoing activities:
– IT/ Web Needs and Developments
– Space Architecture Symposium/other Events (Venue Rental, Catering, Digital Venue Services etc.)
– Annual Best Paper Awards (student and professional)
– New Professional Award

With further funding and in-kind sponsorships from corporations, foundations, grant, or individuals, many other potential projects are possible (ie. exhibitions, invited/paid speaking engagements, publications, sponsored design competitions, grants, internships, educational programs, scholarships, and many other potential activities). Participating in this subcommittee would mean supporting and engaging in any number of potential projects to promote, support and advance the field of space architecture.

This committee strongly overlaps, connects and supports almost all of the other subcommittees (especially IT/Web, Outreach, Awards, and Conferences) to find ways to bolster all the activities that promote space architecture.

A Sponsorship Subcommittee would:
WHAT: Identify/Develop Target Goals of Sponsorship
– Define current and ongoing needs and costs (SATC and as SA communication and dissemination channel)
– Work with the membership to identify/develop potential projects and future partnerships

WHO: Identify Individual and Corporate Sponsors and Partners that may align with our goals

HOW: Develop Sponsorship Packages and Communication Tools to best reach those potential sponsors
– text, media, press releases, etc.
– financial structures & benefits packages (list/brochure of potential benefits for sponsors)
– personal engagement/invitations at conferences/events