This Terms & Conditions sets out the general rules and basics for the spacearchitect.org membership:
Your entitlement to the spacearchitect.org membership benefits (email account, mailing list, members profile etc.) is subject to your payment of annual dues for the current period. Your membership may become expired and you may no longer have access to the membership benefits if you do not keep up with the annual membership subscription.
Mailing list
The members@spacearchitect.org mailing list is for general discussions related to space architecture, human spaceflight developments and other related topics.
All messages posted on the mailing list are manually moderated, so there may be some delays between posting a message and seeing it on the list.
The frequency of emails from the list is uneven: it may be quiet for several days, and then there may be several back-and-forth messages within a day.
Our mailing list moderators may reject posts that are deemed to be rude, inappropriate or grossly off-topics. (e.g. personal attacks or overtly political comments)
All correspondence that goes through the mailing lists may be accessible on public domains. Please do not post confidential or sensitive information on the mailing list.
Comments and remarks posted on the mailing list represent solely the original author’s view or opinion, and do not represent the view or opinion of spacearchitect.org in any capacity.
Please note that our mailing list is NOT a social media forum (we have a separate Facebook forum for that) – please do not post as such.  An example would be, when replying to messages posted on the mailing list, please consider replying directly and only to the message author rather than reply-all by default, unless there are good reasons to. Avoid sending single-sentence replies such as “I agree”, “thank you” etc. through the mailing list as they do not add values for the group discussion and often take up valuable data processing resources for them.
members profile and members directory listing
As an option available to our current members, you can have your personal profile page featured on the spacearchitect.orgwebpage and to be listed in our members directory. Please contact one of our officers and submit your CV information to us – we will create and update your personal profile as needed.
Changing your preferences
If you no longer wish to receive correspondence from the mailing list or to be contacted by us about our services or other related activities, you can amend your preferences or unsubscribe by contacting us – we would guide you through the process. Alternatively, you can unsubscribe by logging into your mailing listing account directly, or simply follow the unsubscribe link provided in emails you receive from us.
For details about our handling of personal information and our data protection policy, please refer to our privacy policy.
Changes to this Terms and Conditions
We may update this Terms and Conditions from time to time. If we make significant changes we will let you know but please regularly check this policy to ensure you are aware of the most updated version.
This Terms and Conditions was last updated on 6th July 2018.