This Phase A, B1 study completes the first design concept phase of the international habitation module (i-HAB), part of the Gateway Lunar Orbital Platform, a collaboration between ESA, NASA, Roscosmos, JAXA, and CSA, targeted for completion in 2025. LIQUIFER Systems Group supported Airbus in architectural design development. Design parameters were stringent due to the launching capacities of rockets, the extreme environmental challenges of outer space, and the wide variety of crew-activities that needed to be accommodated for over a 30-day mission period. Architectural models, both virtual and physical, explored different spatial configurations for maximizing the utilization of the module with an internal volume of 48 cubic meters, by a crew of four. The final design for this phase, featured deployable elements, such as sleeping chambers, a hygiene cabinet and working and eating facilities.

Project Year

2018 – 2019

Team Members

Airbus Bremen – Germany, Airbus Friedrichshafen – Germany, Thales Alenia Space TAS-I – Italy, Sener – Spain, Quinetiq – Spain, Space Applications Services – Belgium, Crisa – Spain LIQUIFER Systems Group – Austria


Cutaway drawing: LIQUIFER Systems Group, Animation video stills: Damjan Minovski, Mockup photos: ©Airbus

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