Mars X House v2

MARS X-HOUSE is the first place winner in 100% Virtual Design within NASA’s Phase 3 3D-Printed Habitat Challenge. MARS X HOUSE employs an evidence-based design process to introduce the design and constructability of a future habitat for a crew of four to live and work on Mars for the duration of one Earth year. MARS X HOUSE is designed to exceed radiation standards in order to ensure human health, and vitally connects the crew to natural light and views of the Martian landscape.

Project Year


Team Members

Melodie Yashar (SEArch+ Project Lead), Christina Ciardullo (SEArch+), Michael Morris (SEArch+), Rebeccah Pailes-Friedman (SEArch+), Sergey Nefedov (ApisCor), Nikita Chen-iun-tai (ApisCor), Geoffrey Bell (SEArch+), Layla van Ellen (SEArch+), Nihat Mert Ogut (SEArch+), Tianhui Shen (SEArch+), Reece Tucker (SEArch+), Sam Austin (CEAmerica), Daniel Case (University of Colorado), Jeffrey H. Hoffman (MIT Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics), Lance LeBlanc (LeBlanc Design), Matt Melnyk (Nous Engineering), Modulus Consulting, Robert Moses (NASA Langley Research Center), Edward J. Roberts (LERA), Jeffrey Schantz (EYP Inc.), David Wettergreen (Carnegie Mellon University Robotics)


SEArch+ / ApisCor

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