Adam Oswald

ECLSS Design Engineer, Blue Origin
ICES Space Architecture session co-chair


Adam is a space habitat designer working to support a permanent human presence in space. His professional background in architecture and engineering has shaped his expertise with the architecture design process, positioning him to bridge the gap between the two and ensure design solutions are forward-looking yet practically grounded in known best practices. Currently he is an ECLSS engineer in Blue Origin’s Space Destinations group within ADP where he works on air systems for Orbital Reef.

Prior to enrolling in CU Boulder’s bioastronautics graduate program, he worked in architecture in Los Angeles with a focus on high-performance buildings, facade design, computational tools, and digital design workflows. He has contributed to hospitals, science labs, medical schools, and high-rise towers in the U.S. and internationally. His professional interests center on the high poles of permanent space settlement: artificial gravity habitats, closed-loop life support systems, moving design beyond an expeditionary mentality, enabling large numbers of people to sustainably live in space, and closing the economic case for large-scale space habitation.

  • Master of Science, Aerospace Engineering – Bioastronautics, University of Colorado Boulder
    • Satellite Systems Design Certificate
  • Master of Architecture, University of Oregon
  • Master of Public Policy, Public & Nonprofit Leadership and Management, University of Minnesota
  • Bachelor of Science, Political Science, University of Oregon