David A. Nixon




Chartered architect in Britain; registered architect in California. Working in the aerospace field since 1985. Projects include: Design research and development work on crew quarters for the International Space station for NASA; Prototype crew equipment development for NASA and Spacehab; Commercial hardware applications studies for British Aerospace and Alenia Spazio; Spaceport and flight test facility planning for Kistler Aerospace Corp; Master plan for 10-year expansion for the Deep Space Network for JPL; X-33 ground facilities studies for McDonnell Douglas; Ship launch feasibility study and rocket assembly building complex for Rotary Rocket Company; ExoMars rover testing laboratory for ESA; Underground isolation laboratory design for ESA; Space industry sustainability review for ESA Founded Astrocourier (Ireland) Ltd., a company developing miniature educational experiments to support STEM whose first product was space-tested in 2008 on an ESA Foton science mission and ESA zero-g parabolic flight. Author of book International Space Station – Architecture Beyond Earth published by Circa Press.


Diploma in Architecture – Polytechnic of Central London, England – 1965-1972

PhD in Architecture – University of Liverpool, England – 2014-2019