Jeffrey Montes

Jeffrey Montes is a renowned Space architect and cross-disciplinary technologist. His groundbreaking work on habitat design has been awarded by NASA and private institutions and exhibited around the planet. At SpaceFactory, an architecture and technology firm working on additive construction technology, Jeffrey founded and leads Space architecture projects, including the iconic and critically acclaimed design and 1:3 prototype for a Mars habitat, Marsha, which won Phase 3 of the NASA 3D Printed Habitat Challenge. Jeffrey is the owner and principal of Jetportal Spaceformcraft, a design and research consultancy specializing in Space architecture. In addition to habitat design and construction, Jeffrey is engaged in architecture-adjacent challenges like ISRU, lunar urban planning, spaceports, and LEO commercialization-supporting design.

Previously, he has worked on robotic concepts for Honeybee Robotics, won Phase 1 of the 3D printed Habitat Challenge with the iconic design for an ice structure Mars Ice House, won the 2015 Caltech Space Challenge, and co-developed (with NASA Langley Research Center) a translucent, ice-shielded Mars habitat called Mars Ice Home. Jeffrey carries out deep design research, concept development, and detailed resolution through the full architectural stack including structures, construction systems, and interior spaces and environments that revolve around human occupants.

He holds a M,Arch from Columbia University and B.S. in Architecture and Philosophy from Northeastern University. He is also a fellow at Open Lunar Foundation.