Logan Andrew Miller



The world of design has always been a focal point of the way I choose to perceive the surrounding environment, in both a physical and intellectual manner. Ever since I was a young child, the mysteries of space and the unknown intrigued me to such a degree that it began to shape my future. The perpetual drive to know more about the place humanity calls home naturally led me to a discipline where answers yield more questions rather than defined solutions, architecture + design.

My goal is to implement personal skill sets such as graphic design, archaeology, + literature based storytelling into my architectural work to make the process of design relatable and engaging. A way for people to come together in order to promote positive change for both current and future generations.

I am currently focused on developing a new-wave of architectural thinking in space and other extraterrestrial biomes. The approach of designing in exotic locations requires a balanced mindset for each individual project through culture + unique spacial tendencies.
Design in architecture is a steppingstone toward establishing a new way of harboring life. A method of living that I hope can be shared through personal storytelling and engaged thoughts.


Master of Science (Space Architecture)
University of Houston, SICSA
Full Graduate Degree Program

Professional BArch in Architecture + Design
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Full Five-Year Professional Undergraduate Degree Program

Masters in Urban Design Planning
University College Dublin, UCD
Partial Graduate Degree Program

Minor in Classical Archaeology
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Full Accredited Minor from the Department of Classics


Long-Term Analysis of Venus’ Atmosphere through an In-Situ Research and Technical Demonstration Laboratory
University of Houston, SICSA
UH Masters of Engineering / Publication Pending
Venus : A Neo-Machine Landscape | lamdesign

Anthropocentric Habitation of Mars Through Parametric Design
University of Houston, SICSA
2023 International Conference on Environmental Systems
Anthropocentric Habitation of Mars Through Parametric Design (tdl.org)

Thresholds: The Future of the Space In-Between
University College Dublin, UCD
UCD Masters of Architecture


Personal website + Digital Portfolio: HOME | lamdesign

Linked In: www.linkedin.com/in/logan-a-miller-io

Contact: logan.anddrew@outlook.com