Logan Andrew Miller



Currently enrolled in the College of Architecture + Design at the University of Tennessee – Knoxville, with a minor in Classical
Archeology. Logan is beginning his 5th year in a 5-year professional undergraduate program and plans to graduate in May 2022.
Logan would like to pursue his interest in Space Architecture with a graduate degree at the Sasakawa (SICSA) Houston program,
followed by a career in the industry. He has a strong interest in Aerospace Architecture, specifi cally planetary-surface construction,
including Class I and II habitats as well as Class III structures in support of a larger population. The drive to develop an optimized state
of living on extraterrestrial environments is at the forefront of his design process, with the introduction of sustainable methods and
materials acting as the cornerstone.


2022 Bachelor of Architecture, University of Tennessee – Knoxville
2021 Architecture Study Abroad Program, University College Dublin, Ireland
AIAA – Student Member
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