John Blincow

ATP, CFII, MEI, B747-4, B757/767, B717
President of Gateway Spaceport LLC
CEO, Chairman of Offworld Industries Corporation

  • Founded Offworld Industries Corporation in May of 2022
  • Founded Gateway Spaceport in October of 2012.
  • Three patents granted by the USPTO for automated space construction machines to build large truss.
  • Two patents pending for automated space station construction machines (Sargon Systems) with many more coming.
  • Has contributed significantly to the designs of several space station projects.
  • Spoken about the creation of large space stations and rotating spaceports at Caltech, Stanford, and the AIAA.
  • Creator of Sargon Systems, designed to build torus-shaped space stations, spheres, and modules with astonishing speed.
  • Chairman of the board and CEO of Orbital Assembly Corporation from its formation until April 2021.
  • Before entering the space industry, John worked as an airline pilot for 24 years, flying all over the world in such aircraft as the Boeing 747-400, Boeing 757, and DC-10.
  • Pilot Instructor with United Airlines and Flight Safety Boeing.
  • Check-Point Security Instructor for The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) during its formation (2002).
  • 1996-1999: United Airlines Pilot Training Center (DENTK): Extensive training (and later teaching) of Boeing 747-400, Boeing 777, Boeing 757/767 systems inflight operation and architecture.
  • California State University San Bernardino 1996: Bachelor of Arts: World History

Offworld Industries Corporation