Albert R. Antosca

Dr. Albert R. Antosca is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) & Chief of Staff at Aurelia Institute. Before serving as one of the founding team members at Aurelia, Albert was at MIT where he served as the Program Manager for the MIT Space Exploration Initiative.

Sebastian Aristotelis

Sebastian Aristotelis is the lead architect and co-founder of SAGA Space Architects. Which specializes in 3D-printed architecture and habitation for outer space.

Marlies Arnhof

Phnam Bagley

John Ball

Founder – Expo Colorado 2050. A World’s Fair Bid to Celebrate Global Cooperation in Space

Olga Bannova

Donald Barker

John Blincow

President of Gateway Spaceport LLC
CEO, Chairman of Offworld Industries Corporation

Hugh Broughton

Dilen Carpanen

Dilen is a highly skilled professional in the field of mechanical engineering , specialising in designing, analysing, and testing diverse products including scientific space instruments, military protective gear, medical devices, and drones.