Entries by David Wong

Dilen Carpanen

Dilen is a highly skilled professional in the field of mechanical engineering , specialising in designing, analysing, and testing diverse products including scientific space instruments, military protective gear, medical devices, and drones.

Margherita Cesca Nelder-Haynes

“Margherita Cesca Nelder-Haynes is an accomplished Italo-British RIBA Chartered Architect, member of SGAC and Practice Director, boasting two decades of diverse local and international experience.

Tiago Pinto da Costa

Tiago Pinto da Costa is an architect born in Porto, Portugal. He is a Doctor of Architecture, degree earned at University Lusiada of Porto, that has its architecture roots in the “Porto School of Architecture” – the internationally recognized architecture teaching theory.

Ariel Ekblaw

Dr. Ariel Ekblaw founded the MIT Space Exploration Initiative, a team of 50+ students, faculty, and staff building and flying advanced technology for space exploration; Ariel is also the founding CEO of Aurelia Institute and GP for Aurelia Foundry Fund, a hybrid space architecture research institute and venture incubation studio.