Entries by David Wong

Mohammad Mahdi Fakhimi

PhD Researcher in Design-Interior Design Program | University of Minnesota. Co-founder & CEO of AKAD Design Group and Maan Honar Armani, focusing on innovative architectural design, since 2009.

Takaharu Igarashi

Driven by his fascination with the rich history and intricacies of our built environment and enthusiasm for space exploration and venturing into the unknown, Takaharu is avidly pursuing his journey toward realizing space architecture and extraterrestrial built environments by exploring the intersection of architectural design and aerospace engineering.

Daniel Inocente

Daniel Inocente is an Architect, Space Architect, Professor of Architecture at Arizona State University and Founder of ATOM.

Aastha Kacha

Aastha, at 26 years old, is a visionary space architect, founder and driving force behind AAKA SPACE STUDIO, a ground-breaking enterprise specializing in designing and constructing experiential analogue and space tourism habitable modules.

Kriss J. Kennedy

Mr. Kennedy is a licensed Space Architect (Texas-1995) specializing in Space Architecture. He worked as a Space Architect for 30 years at NASA-Johnson Space Center.

Ting Li

Ting Li, Artist, Concert Pianist, and Artistic Director of the Silicon Beach Chamber Orchestra.